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The Reason Why We Love Scarves

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Happy Friday everyone!

This started out as a great day for us here at La Purse headquarters as we came across a fantastic article entitled “Scarves Succeed as the Ultimate Fashion Multitaskers.”

Knowing how much we’ve been telling you all how scarves are the most versatile fashion accessory and how you ladies can wear them any way you’d like and pair them with everything else in your wardrobe made us feel like maybe we were being a bit too insistent. So we decided to take some time off from promoting the versatility of the scarves and focus on other fabulous fashion items. And so we did. But this morning we discovered this article in the New York Times and couldn’t resist sharing the news with you.

Needless to say, we agree 100% with the author. Scarves were, are and will forever be the most versatile fashion accessory. And that’s exactly why we love them.

Don’t belive us? Grab one of your scarves or a pashmina shawl and experiment a little.

Turn your scarf into:

1. A headband. And a series of other hair accessories like bows, for example.

2. A turban.

3. A waist belt.

4. A sarong.

5. A beach cover-up.

6. A cowl neck.

7.  Halters.

8. A Shrug

9. Even a sexy halter dress!

10. Nursing blanket.

11. Bridal shawl.

12. Evening shawl.

And much more!

Already feeling inspired? Go ahead, take an oversized scarf and start twisting, looping and knotting and re-create all the above and more.

Who knows, maybe you’ll come up with a new scarf trend!

Do you agree that scarves are the most versatile fashion accessories?

In the above photos: La Purse Scarves

Top 5 Summer Shirts Under $50

In 2011 Fashion Trends on May 25, 2011 at 8:06 pm

Last week we presented you with our picks for this  season’s top 5 skirt trends so we thought since you now have the skirts, let’s feature our picks for top 5 cutest summer shirts under $50!

Beware, you’ll want to wear these all summer long!

1. The Plaid Shirt

Your summer wardrobe must have at least one plaid shirt. This will be your go-to item if you’re planning a walk on the beach or a romantic evening by the camp fire.

Trad Plaid Shirt ($17.80) from Forever21

2. Stripes Tee

Stripes are perfect for summer so make sure you include them in your summer wardrobe.

Stripe Heart Tee ($19.50) from dELiAs

3. Basic White T-shirt

It is crucial that you have at least one white tee in your closet, especially during the summer. If not, hurry up and get one! We even found the perfect white tee for you: it’s cute, summery and designed for a good cause.

Juicy Supports Japan T-Shirt ($48.00) from Juicy Couture

4. Polka Dots Shirt

It doesn’t get more feminine than this!

Buttermilk Polka Dot Drop Hem Ruffle Cami ($40.00) from TOPSHOP

5. Bright Color Tee

What better season than summer to rock the brightest colors? We recommend a loose fitting coral T-shirt, a pair of denim shorts, cute flip-flops and you’re ready for the beach!

Fluorescent pink flecked tee ($30.00) from TOPSHOP

Which of these 5 shirts would you wear this summer?

Cute Summer Skirts Under $50

In 2010 Fashion Trends on May 20, 2011 at 1:18 pm

Ladies, it’s time to build the perfect summer wardrobe. Over the past weeks, we have presented you with the perfect summer scarves, ways to choose the ideal swimsuit for your body type and a stylish set of hair accessories for spring/summer 2011.  We even featured summer’s top nail polish colors!

Today, we are taking the time to present you with our top  cute summer skirts, all under $50! We all need a couple of summer skirts this season, so wait no more and check-out our stylish and affordable picks:

1. Stripes are a huge, huge summer trend. So why not opt for a cute striped summer skirt?

Striped Knit Skirt ($39.00) from Nordstrom

2. Bold Prints is a trend you most surely love! Polka dots, ethnic and tribal prints as well as floral prints are this season’s staples.

Polka-Dot Body-Con Skirt ($34.50) from dELiAs

Tribal Smocked Mini Skirt ($34.50) from dELiAs

Vibrant Flowers Pleated Skirt ($16.90) from Forever21

3. Maxi skirts are not only extremely stylish and feminine but also super comfy which makes them perfect for summer.

Crochet Maxi Skirt ($44.50) from dELiAs

4. Animal print skirts will add that much needed touch of fun and wilderness to your summer look.

Animal Print Skirt ($15.80) from FOREVER21

5. A glam sequin skirt is perfect for a night out in the town. You can opt for a partially sequin printed skirt or if you want to make a big impact choose a sparkly mini skirt and pair it with a basic black/white shirt.

Stoosh Printed Skirt ($23.40) from Dillard’s

Steve Madden Sequin Swing Skirt ($43.20) from Zappos

Do you like our cute summer skirts suggestion?

Easy, Breezy Summer Scarves

In 2011 Fashion Trends, About Scarves, Fashion Scarves, Pashmina Scarves, Pashmina Shawls and Scarves, Summer Scarves, Women's Scarves on May 18, 2011 at 1:38 pm

If you are a huge fan of wearing scarves like we are, chances are you love wearing them all year long, even during the summer. And just like us, you’re constantly searching for easy, breezy scarves you can wear even during the warm season without feeling too hot or uncomfortable. Well, let us tell you a secret: now it’s easier than ever to shop for lightweight scarves that are perfectly wearable even during sunny summer days. They offer coverage from the damaging UV rays and when the sun sets they gently protect you from the chilly weather.

Since our summer wardrobe consists mostly of maxi dresses, T-shirts, short shorts and other types of summer clothing, a scarf can add that much needed pop of color to your summer outfit. For example, a maxi dress in a solid color looks amazing when paired with a cute scarf in a bright color. And how about accessorizing your tee and jeans with a funky lightweight scarf? Your outfit will instantly go from OK to fabulous!

Here is a set of lightweight scarves that can enhance your summer look instantly:

The Handmade Crochet Scaf – this one is perfect for those of you who are looking to achieve that romantic boho-chic look. Pair it with your blue jeans and you’re good to go!

Blue Handmade Crochet Scarf   ($34.99)

The Double Layered Silk Print Scarf – the name might say double layered, but trust us, this scarf is easy as a feather and it feels incredible. You can go wild with your summer outfit and opt for a chic animal print scarf or for a scarf in a hot summer color like fuchsia or green.

Blue Double Layered Animal Print Silk Scarf ($18.95)

Double Layered Fuchsia & Blue Print Silk Scarf ($18.95)

The Light Weight Scarf – is, by definition, the perfect summer scarf. It’s light, soft and super easy to wear. For a great day time look you can opt for a nude color such as walnut, while for the evening we recommend adding a touch of sparkle.

Another reason why lightweight scarves are so popular during the summer is that they can easily be worn as cover ups and sarongs at the beach.

Light Weight Walnut Scarf ($9.95)

Light Weight Metallic Silver Dot Orange Scarf ($18.95)

Hope you have enjoyed the selection!

Do you wear scarves during the summer? If the answer is “Yes”, tell us about your favorite summer scarves. If not, why not?

How To Choose The Perfect Swimsuit For Your Body Shape

In 2011 Fashion Trends, Summer Scarves, Women's Scarves on May 12, 2011 at 5:54 pm

OK ladies, bikini season is upon us and we all know how hard it is to find the perfect swimsuit! And we’re not talking about color, brand or price! No, it’s all about finding the perfect swimsuit for your body shape. Women come in all shapes and sizes and it is very important that you choose a swimsuit that flatters your silhouette. If the swimsuit is flattering, you’ll feel and look great in it!

Here are some very useful tips on how to choose the perfect swimsuit for your body shape:

1. First of all, determine your body shape. Are you a pear, an hourglass,etc.?

2. Now that you have determined your body type, here’s what swimwear works for each body shape:

1. Swimsuit for the Pear Shaped Body

Celebrities with pear-shaped bodies: Beyonce, Rihanna, Shakira and Tyra Banks.

Pear-shaped women must keep this in mind when shopping for the perfect swimsuit:

– Since your bottom half is bigger than your top, you must try to balance the two.

– The best way to balance your look is by minimizing your hips and thighs and emphasizing the top.

– Choose color and pattern to balance your body visually. We all know that bold patterns draw attention, while solids minimize attention. For these reasons, opt for a colorful, patterned bikini top and a basic black bikini bottom.

Mix and Match! Pear shaped women often have to look for separates so they can get different sizes for top and bottom which gives them the perfect opportunity to get creative and come up with the ideal swimsuit.

– If you have a pear-shaped body means you have a flat tummy so make sure you flaunt it! Choose a two-piece bikini!

– The ideal bikini tops for pear-shaped bodies are: strapless bandeau and halter top.

Here are some suggestions:

Women’s Americana Bandeau Bikinis Top $16.50 and Women’s Mix & Match Bikini Bottoms $15.50 from Old Navy, Women’s Ruffled Bandeau Swim Top $22.50 and Women’s One-Shoulder Bandeau Bikinis $16.50 from Old Navy, HOBIE Tigerlily Womens Swimsuit Top and HOBIE Tigerlily Womens Swimsuit Bottoms from Tilly’s, GUESS Steppnout Womens Swimsuit Top and GUESS Steppnout Womens Swimsuit Bottoms from Tilly’s

2. Swimsuit for the Hourglass Body Shape

Celebrities with hourglass shaped bodies: Salma Hayek, Kate Winslet Scarlett Johansson and Kim Kardashian.

Hourglass women can pull of pretty much any type of swimsuit. Talk about being lucky!

However, there is one thing you have to be careful when buying your swimsuit: do not mismatch! A mismatched swimsuit will make your body look disproportionate and that’s exactly what you don’t what it to look like.

Here are a few swimsuit suggestions that flatter hourglass bodies:

Coral Heart Bandeau Bikini $42.28, Black Parrot Triangle Bikini $43.09, Blue Stripe Padded Bikini $42.28, Navy Polka Dot Ruched Padded Bandeau Bikini $48.79 all from Top Shop

3. Swimsuit for the Rectangular Body Shape

Celebrities with rectangular body shape: Cameron Diaz, Natalie Portman, Eva Longoria and Kylie Minogue.

If you have a rectangular body shame it means you are an athletic looking woman, with the bust and hips of almost the same width. Another main characteristic of the rectangular body shape is that you have very little no waist definition.

Your main goal: define your waist and add width to your top and lower body.

Here are our swimsuit suggestions for you:

Purple Meadow Print Bikini $45.54, Coral Frill Spot Bandeau Bikini $43.09 and Purple Frill Bandeau Bikini $45.54, all from Top Shop

4. Swimsuit for the Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Celebrities with inverted triangle body shape: Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson, Demi Moore and Angelina Jolie.

The main characteristics to an inverted triangle body shape are: wide shoulders, large chest and small hips. Long story short, if you are more top-heave than bottom heavy, you are an inverted triangle.

The main thing you have to avoid when shopping for a swimsuit: strapless tops! The reason: instead of provide support for your upper half it will only squish it down.

The best tops for your body shape are halter shapes, tops with thick straps and tops with underwire and thick fabric.

The inverted triangle is exactly the opposite of the pear shaped body. So when it comes to buying the perfect swimsuit, you ca do exactly the opposite of what pear-shaped ladies do. That means: tdraw attention to your bottom half with a colored and patterned bikini bottom and try to minimize your upper half with a solid or dark colored top.

The similarity between you and the pear-shaped: you will also need to shop for separates as you will be needing a bigger bikini top.

Here are some suggestions:


Women’s Mix & Match Knotted Halter Bikini Top $19.50 and Women’s Mix & Match String Bikini Bottoms $17.50, Women’s Mix & Match Knotted Halter Bikini Top $19.50 and Women’s Mix & Match Bikini Bottoms $15.50, Women’s Zebra-Print Bikinis: Top and Bottom 19.50 each, Women’s Ruched Halter Swimsuits $29.50 all from Old Navy

5. And just in case you don’t feel ready to wear a bikini, you can always opt for a cute cover-up, a wrap or a one piece swimsuit.


Blue Strappy Aysmmetric Cover Up($39) from Top Shop, Jane jacquard halterneck swimsuit ($120.92) from The Outnet, Cuba bandeau swimsuit ($175) from Net A Porter, Light weight Metallic Silver Dots Scarf($18.95) from La Purse and Coral Panelled Cape Cover Up($42.29) from Top Shop

Happy swimsuit shopping ladies!

Stylish Hair Accessories for Spring/Summer 2011

In 2011 Fashion Trends, Fashion Scarves, Get the Look on May 6, 2011 at 3:14 pm

What’s the best way to revive your current hairstyle without having to cut or color your hair? Cute hair accessories,  of course!

Get inspired by the following celebs and decorate your hair with stylish accessories to achieve that perfect summer hairstyle:

1. Hair Pins

Hair pins are no longer little girls’ accessories only! Yay for that! Add a touch of style to your hairstyle with a cute pin or create that gorgeous Old Hollywood hair with a rhinestone bobby pin. And let’s not forget those days when your bangs are impossible to style! A hair pin is exactly what you need to hold them in place.

We love:

Tasha ‘Fancy’ Hair Pins $28.00 from Nordstrom, JANE TRAN Hair Accessories Large Rhinestone Bobby Pin $18.00 from and Kate Spade multicolor bobby pins $45.00 from Kate Spade

2. Barrettes

Take note from Jennifer Lopez and keep your bangs in place with a stylish barrette. Pick a sparkly one for a glam evening hairstyle.

We love:

Kate Spade round barrette $45.00 from Kate Spade, Pearl Barrettes Autoclip $4.50  from Ulta Beauty and DCNL Black Square Jean Wire Barrette $5.99 from Sally Beauty
3. Headbands
Headbands are a life saver especially when you’re having a bad hairday. Whether you opt for a simple black headband or a big floral hairpiece, you’ll end up looking red carpet ready in just a few seconds!
We love:
Braided Rope & Chains Headwrap $5.80from FOREVER21, Split Purple Flower Headband $9.00 from ULTA Beauty and Assorted Plastic Headbands $1.50 from FOREVER21
4. Bows
Feel like a little girl again with  a cute bow accessory!

We love:
Red Gingham Bow Headband $14.00 from TOPSHOP, Rhinestone Bow Headband $19.00 from ARDEN B. and Cute Bow Hair Pins $2.50 from FOREVER21
5. Scarf Headbands

Scarf headbands are the perfect accessory to create that vintage look and keep your hair looking neat and polished through the entire day. You can either use one of the scarves in your wardrobe as a headband or go scarf headband shopping.
We love:

Wide Black and White Polka Dots Scarf Headband $4.47 from Cherabella

What cute accessories are you putting in your hair these days?

5 Nail Polish Colors For Spring/Summer 2011

In 2011 Fashion Trends on May 4, 2011 at 8:41 pm

Happy Wednesday everyone! We have a special post for you today: top 5 nail polish colors for spring/summer 2011!

We got a few questions from Twitter followers asking us what nail polish colors do we recommend so we thought: let’s pick out our favorites and do a post! Here they are: our favorite nail polish colors for the warm season are:

1. Orange

Not only is it the “It” color of the spring, but orange is also super fun color and looks great on nails! Tried and Approved: Tangerine Queen from Rimmel London. Also love Resist&Shine Titanium – Full Orange from L’Oréal Paris.

2. Hot Pink

Neon nail polish continues to be a huge trend for the S/S 2011 and we couldn’t be more happier. Nothing looks best against tanned skin than a hot pink mani/pedi. Check out Zoya Professional Lacquer in Layla and Resist&Shine Titanium – Sweet Coral from L’Oreal Paris.

3. Blue

Don’t let the color’s name fool you; you will be feeling anything but blue once you paint your nails with one of spring’s hottest colors! We plan to try out Laquer Nail PolishRaisin from Sephora and Opi No Room For The Blues Nail Polish.

4. Yellow

Now this is a color that’s not easy to pull off,  but with a nice tan we think it might look very pretty for the summer. Here are some yellow shades we might just give a try: NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Lemon Cream and Wet n Wild Fast Dy Nail Color in The Wonder Yellows.


5. Purple

From feminine lilac shades to daring deep plum, purple nail polish must be tried this season. You might like OPI in Do You Lilac It and two hot, hot, hot Deborah Lippmann colors, Call Me Irresponsible Nail Polish and the glittery “Bad Romance” Nail Polish inspired by non other than Lady Gaga!

What colors will we be seeing on your nails for the next months, ladies? Orange, purple, blue perhaps? Share your top nail polish colors for Spring/Summer 2011!

And The Winners Are…

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Sara, Markcristy3378 and Clenna !

Congratulations to the three lucky winners and a big Thank You to everyone who entered the Giveaway over at The Adventures of My Family of 8!

The giveaway ended yesterday, on May 1st, and if you’re curious to see what Sara, Markcristy3378 and Clenna won, check-out the following three La Purse scarves:

Light Brown Holes Scarf

Orange Dots Double Layered Silk Print Scarf

Black Pleated Scarf with Sparkling Detail

See you at our next giveaway!