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Fashionable Solutions To Your Storing Problems: Purse Organizers

In 2011 Fashion Trends on October 4, 2011 at 8:38 pm

Social networking has been nothing but a real pleasure to us. Along with meeting wonderful people on a daily basis we get to find out about great fashion items that for us ladies are indispensable. Our latest fabulous find: Silver Hook’s fashionable purse organizers.

It’s a known fact that sometimes is almost impossible to find your keys, mobile phone or lipstick due to the lack of organization in your purse. We know we go through this a lot so a purse organizer would really help. Why get one?, you might ask. The answer is simple. Your belongings will be perfectly organized and easy to access at all times. Plus, they can be easily placed from one handbag to another without loosing any of the items during the transfer. That’s why having a purse organizer to carry with you all the time is crucial. And if you get one that looks stylish, you get the best of both worlds.

We’ve been on the hunt for a stylish and practical purse organizer for a while and we also received a lot of requests for these fashionable solutions to women’s’ storing problems. We don’t hold these items in the shop, but now that we have discovered Silver Hook, we want to introduce them to you as well.

We dropped by their online store and checked out their cute purse organizers and selected the ones we liked best. From small to large, plain to bold prints, we present you our favorites:

Small Black Croco Purse Organizer With White lining (Sale $9.99)The small black faux crocodile purse organizer is a great find. Stylish and practical, it will go well with any handbag style and keep your cosmetics in one place.

Small Pink Croco Purse Organizer (Sale $9.99)

Love how the color really pops on this one! With this hot pink organizer you’ll never have to worry about not being able to find your keys ever again.

Animal Print Purse Organizers ($22.99 each)

A statement making bag calls for a statement-making purse organizer. Animal print is one of this year’s hottest fashion trends so if you’re planning to expand it to your organizers as well, you have three fab options: leopard print, snake print or zebra.

Do you own a purse organizer?