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Pink Valentine’s Day Scarves

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so if you are looking for the perfect gift or for the perfect accessory, here are our picks for the special day: pink scarves and pashminas!

Wrap yourself with love!

Pink Holes Scarf, $14.95

pink holes scarf shawl salmon

Pink Pashmina Shawl, $24.95

pink pashmina shawl pink scarf

Vibrant Red & Pink Stripped Lycra Viscose Scarf, $18.45

red and pink stripes scarf

Light Pink Pashmina Shawl, $24.95

light pink pashmina shawl

Pom Pom Ruffle Scarf , $14.95

pom pom ruffle scarf pink

Pale Pink Pashmina Shawl, $24.95

pale pink pashmina shawl

Which one of these pink scarves and pashminas will be your Valentine?


Chocolate Hues for the month of January

In 2012 Fashion Trends, About Scarves, Fashion Scarves, Get the Look, Pashmina Scarves, Pashmina Shawls and Scarves, Women's Scarves on January 13, 2012 at 4:54 pm

Mid-winter, we are all about warm colors that makes us want to sit by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa in our hands, relaxing with friends and family. If you dream of that too, we have selected a set of chocolate-colored scarves and pashmina shawls, in every shade of brown you can think of, for you to browse and select your favorite or favorites!

1. Dark Brown Scarf with Two Rose Details $17.99 . Featuring a rose detail at each extreme, this scarf will surely get you many compliments whatever you go. Add a touch of magic to any outfit you wear and enjoy the soft and warmth these amazing mohair scarves can bring!

2. Coffee Pashmina Shawl $24.95 – the perfect choice in fashion accessories, this will be the shawls you won’t be able to put away this season! Soft, warm and beautiful, it will keep you feeling stylish and cozy while you chat for hours with your friends and family over that hot chocolate!

3. Brown Lace Patchwork Scarf $29.99 will provide you with that effortless elegance everybody loves and admires!

4. Dark Brown Pom Pom Ruffle Scarf $14.95 will add not only color to your wardrobe but also that much needed and much-appreciated originality. Adorable ruffle details and little pom pom balls add a flirty feel to each scarf. Be prepared to receive tons of compliments every time you wear one.

5. Brown Fancy Patchwork Scarf $29.99 , this scarf oozes creativity and style.

Which one of these chocolatey scarves will keep you warm this season?

Wednesday ScarfDay: The Pom Pom Ruffle Scarf

In 2011 Fashion Trends, Fashion Scarves, Women's Scarves on January 19, 2011 at 5:22 pm

Happy Wednesday ScarfDay!

Our scarf pick for today: The PomPom Ruffle Scarf!

We love the pom pom ruffle scarves for a number of reasons: they’re chic, delicate and fun! Adorable ruffle details and little pom pom balls add a flirty feel to each scarf.

Also, we were inspired to do today’s post by Alexandra from BWED EXCLUSIVE. We loved herĀ  Tuesday ShoesDay post featuring three gorgeous pairs of Steve Madden Lace Platforms with fabulous ruffle details. After seeing her shoe picks, we were happy and surprised to realize that her ruffled shoes really resemble our ruffle scarves! So, for each pair of ruffle lace platforms she presented, we present you with a pom pom ruffle scarf in a similar, if not exact color!


Our scarf picks: the salmon pom pom ruffle scarf, the purple ruffle scarf and the black pom pom ruffle scarf!

Alexandra’s shoe picks: Pink-Champagne Steve Madden Lace Platforms, Peacock Purple Steve Madden lace platforms and Black-Steve Madden lace platforms.

Do you see the resemblance?

P.S Help us choose which of the three pom pom ruffle scarves deserves the “scarf of the week” title: salmon, purple or black?